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About The South African Literary Awards

Founded by the wRite associates in partnership with the National Department of Arts and Culture (DAC), the main aim of the South African Literary Awards (SALA) is to pay tribute to South African writers who have distinguished themselves as groundbreaking producers and creators of literature, while it celebrates literary excellence in the depiction and sharing of South Africa’s histories, value systems, philosophies and art as inscribed and preserved in all the official languages of South Africa. The Awards aim to become the most prestigious and respected literary accolades in South African literature.

Selections are made from published authors whose primary input is in imaginative writing - fiction as well as creative non-fiction. The work must demonstrate good linguistic presentation, the nation’s identity, the societal values, universal truths, and cultural aesthetics, contribution to social cohesion and nation building and transcendence of time.

Since its inception in 2005, SALA has played a significant role to encourage and motivate writers to raise the bar in our literary endeavours. To date SALA has proudly honoured 101(hundred and one) authors. These are men and women who have dedicated their lives to preserving our literary heritage.

Our Partners

We thank our partners for their invaluable contribution which sustained the South African Literary Awards to date

wRite Associates
sowetan Dept of Arts and Culture
Nutrend Publishers National Arts Council sabs